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Three basics  of HVAC maintenance

  1. Water Treatment

Water treatment is low hanging fruit and shouldn’t be expensive. If your closed loop systems don’t have leaks, you should only check them semi-annually or annually if you have meters installed in quick fill piping. While more costly to maintain, the cost can be mitigated by taking the following steps:

  • Increasing cycles of concentration from 2 to 6 cycles will reduce make up and blow down from 20 to 50% respectively.

  • Make sure you attain a sewer rebate from your water company for the water that is evaporated and not sent to the sewer. This may require installing a meter in your make up and blow down lines.

  • Cleaning you cooling tower fill and hot water basin nozzles and not just cleaning the sump which will ensure the tower cools water to the design delta. As a rule of thumb your water treatment vendor is responsible for eliminating scale and biologicals only if your cooling towers are properly balanced to allow water to flow properly.

  • Require your maintenance or stationary engineers to check the float and water levels at least once per 24 hours and adjust as needed.

  • Brushing and removing scale from condenser tubes

  • Checking the pressure drop across condenser tubes and resetting if valves were moved since commissioning of your central plant.

  • Making sure your water treatment vendor and chiller maintenance providers are on the same “sheet of music” so when the heads of the chiller are removed both are present to review conditions and develop a plan to improve poor conditions.

  • Consider installing and tracking mild steal, cooper or other metals present.

2.  Coil Cleaning and Air Filters

One of the more economical return of investments are cleaning various mechanical systems and consistently changing your air filters. These items are related in that if air filters are clogged the coils that they protect become impacted and air quality degrades. At CAJUN INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS we specialize in cleaning coils that would have to be replaced otherwise. 

At CAJUN INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS we start with measuring the pressure drop across the coil, compare it to the design pressure drop, plan the best approach to unclog the coil and execute our plan. We also have partnerships with two companies able to balance hydronic and air systems and work interdependently to optimize your building air and water systems.

Unfortunately, recent shortages in maintenance staff has resulted in deferred rudimentary task such as changing air filters, placing biocide drain tables and cleaning coils.  CAJUN INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS can supplement your maintenance staff and perform routine scheduled air filter changes and other rudimentary tasks to reduce or eliminate:

  • Replacing hydronic and dx coils

  • Damaged compressors

  • Higher than normal energy usage

  • Clogged and leaking drains

  • Nuisance tripping on ac systems

  • Fires

  • Indoor air quality, mold and mildew

3.  Cleaning cooling towers 

High condenser water temperatures are referred to “chiller killers” because chillers are unable to dissipate heat into the condenser water causing chillers to operate outside designed parameters. While the life expectancy of a water cooled chiller is considered by American Society of Heating Refrigeration Air Condition Engineers (ASHRAE) to be 23 years, this lifecycle is reduced with high condenser water temperatures.

The major failure of high condenser water temperatures are inefficient cooling towers. Cooling towers that are clogged with scale and dirt are unable to remove heat from the chillers and should be cleaned twice per year by taking them offline, pressure washing the fill and drift eliminators, cleaning distributor nozzles and cleaning condenser water strainers.

When cooling towers are cleaned it is imperative that your water treatment service provider is present and fully engaged to ensure her treatment program is effective or than requisite changes are made accordingly.

Additionally, the make up valve feeding the cooling tower must be adjusted to eliminate overflow but able to make up water lost to evaporation and blowdown.

Sewerage and Water Board and other water providers provide customer with a sewer rebate to offset for water evaporated and not sent to the drain.

Please contact us at Cajun Innovative Solutions for additional support in this regard.

What Our Happy Clients Say?

"Cajun Innovative Solutions assisted me to identify, prioritize and budget major chiller repairs."
Travis Blue, Chief EngineerHotel Indigo
"Cajun Innovative Solutions saved us from using a expensive crane by creatively finding a way to replace a commercial rooftop."
Kenny Mimms, Asst. Chief EngineerOmni Royal Orleans Hotel 
“Cajun Innovative Solutions put together a preventative maintenance program that helped to reduce equipment failures."
Charles Reed, Director of Engineering Orleans Parish Prison

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